University Rover Challenge

The 2018 BYU Mars Rover Capstone Team

The University Rover Challenge is an annual robotics competition held at the Mars Desert Research Station in southern Utah. BYU has fielded a rover every year since the inception of the competition. Successful rovers need a set of capabilities ranging from image recognition to manual dexterity, sample collection to hill climbing. I worked on the autonomous navigation team, piecing together sensor data to make sure the rover knew where it was, and what obstacles stood in the way of where it was going.

Optical Particulate Counting Sensors

For years, Dr. Matthew Jones has been working on ameliorating the negative environmental and health effects of biomass cook stoves in developing countries. I joined his lab in 2017 and began researching optical particulate counting sensors, portable and inexpensive tools for measuring how many particles are in the air. I wrote my honors thesis on how to take uncertainty into account when collecting data using this type of sensor.